Faces_Of_KC_435_DSC6075Meet Dr. Christina!

Dr. Christina A. Carter has been practicing modern chiropractic care in Leawood since 2008 when she co-founded Adjust Your Health Chiropractic with her husband, Dr. Jeff Carter. After graduating from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Science degree, she went on to obtain her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland University. She is a Fellow & Licensed Member of the Acupuncture Society of America and a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.

After having chiropractic care ease her migraines as a teenager, she knew what she wanted to do with her life. Helping her patients to restore optimum health is a life passion. Over the past 8 years she has been honored with awards from America’s Best Chiropractor, 435 Magazine’s Face of Chiropractic & Top KC Chiropractor, to ACA’s Best Chiropractic Office for patient satisfaction. Dr. Christina lives in southern Johnson County with her husband, Dr. Jeff Carter and their two little dogs, Tweeter and Cali.  When she isn’t practicing modern chiropractic you’ll find her working out or watching football!



Meet Dr. Jeff!

Dr. Jeffrey D. Carter has been practicing chiropractic radiology since 2008 in Leawood, Kansas with his wife, Dr. Christina Carter. After graduating from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science Degree, he obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic with honors from Cleveland University.

He is a Fellow & Licensed member of the Acupuncture Society of America, is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and specializes in chiropractic radiology. Dr. Jeff lives in Southern Johnson County with his wife and their two dogs, Cali and Tweeter. In his spare time he enjoys biking, fishing and cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers.


Meet Lexi!

Alexandria Fox, CLMT After being a Licensed Massage Therapist for over ten years, Alexandria Fox has developed quite the following with a client list ranging from pro-athletes to physicians. Her unique patient-centered approach to tailored treatments combined with her natural touch has placed her at the top of her profession as a leader of Medical Massage. Lexi has helped redefined the definition of massage therapy and is paving the way for the medical profession to recognize Massage Therapy as a powerful pain relief treatment for their patients.

She is experiencing remarkable success in her Leawood clinic where she works alongside Drs. Jeff & Christina Carter of Adjust Your Health to develop cohesive treatment plans for their shared patients. Their team successfully treats all types of conditions from chronic pain to acute athletic injuries using modernized physical medicine. Their clinic attracts thousands of patients a year due to their truly unique approach to wellness.


Meet Andrea! 

Andrea Evans, B.S. began her AYH career as a patient that responded exceptionally well to gentle chiropractic and electric acupuncture. She graduated from Pittsburg State University with a degree in Communications, an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration.

After spending 2 years working with children with special needs in the Blue Valley school district, Dr. Christina approached her about becoming the Clinical Director of AYH and the rest is history!
Andrea excels at patient communication and running the show behind the scenes. She has quickly become an integral part of the AYH family due to her perfect combination of business and personal skills.

She has a cute little dog named JoJo, lives here in Leawood and loves to travel, read and go to concerts and sporting events!


Meet Raechel!

Raechel Ubert, L.M.T. comes from a big, blended, quirky family who she just can’t get enough of! She is a licensed Massage Therapist for the city of Leawood and has always had a strong passion to work with people and to help them. For eight years she worked as a caregiver specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia. This profession is what inspired her to become a Massage Therapist. Her goal has always been to improve the quality of life of those she has cared for, in a truly lasting kind of way. When she came upon her passion for Massage Therapy it was very unplanned! The more she read about treatment the more sense it made, and the stronger her calling to this practice became. She now specializes in neuromuscular therapy and pelvic balancing. This means that not only does she get to facilitate the positive changes in soft tissues, but she can assist in getting her patients back to FDP (functional designed posture). This is the way our bodies were designed to hold itself and move.

Trigger point therapy is greatly involved with neuromuscular therapy and by using these techniques Raechel can relieve pain and discomfort by re-patterning old muscle memory and                                                    creating a new muscle memory. This is something Raechel has created quite the passion for.                                                    She is so excited to learn and grow with not only with her own knowledge but with her AYH                                                        patients as well!