Continuing Treatment Intended to Promote and Facilitate Optimal Health

During this phase of care our main objective is to keep you out of pain or discomfort; to keep your body functioning optimally and free of recurring pain.

As chiropractors, we believe wellness care to be the most important phase of chiropractic treatment. Once your body is functioning the way it’s meant to and is feeling great, it’s the perfect time to keep it that way with a phase of chiropractic care we call wellness care.  We believe not only in the lasting relief of pain but in illness and disease prevention through comprehensive wellness efforts.

Since 2008, we have treated thousands of patients successfully at our wellness center and are proud that over 93 percent of our patients remain in our practice as wellness patients.  Together we decide the frequency of treatment needed to maintain and prevent but overall we promise to make it appropriate for you, your activity level and your budget. Many of our patients are regular athletes from both professional and minor leagues, weekend warriors and runners. We also treat proactive and health-conscious patients. 

If you are new to chiropractic care – please call our office with any questions or schedule a consultation to sit down and discuss your condition and/or goal of optimal health with Dr. Christina. We look forward to meeting you and getting you feeling better.