1. She is part of my ‘team’ for health!

    I am so glad I found Dr. Christina! She has helped me so much. I found out from her that I have some arthritis in my neck. I used to have neck pain and stiffness regularly. Since she has been treating me I never have any pain in my neck. She is so reasonably priced that I have been able to stay on a schedule where I see her monthly to keep things in good shape. I had tried other chiropractors over the years but they were so expensive I couldn’t afford to keep going back to them. Also I can tell her how I work to take care of my health and she is very supportive. She is part of my ‘team’ for health! Thank you Dr. Christina!

    Ariel moore
  2. FAR exceeded my expectations!

    I was never a fan of those docs that would snap, crackle and pop my back and neck. It made me nervous every single time. So, when a dear friend recommended Dr. Christina I was excited to go see her. Dr Christina and Dr Jeff have FAR exceeded my expectations! I followed her recommend treatment schedule in the beginning and have been doing maintenance since. AMAZING how much better I have felt. If I do something “stupid” I get right in and I am whipped into shape in no time. So glad I had someone that cared enough to share their experience with me!!!!

    Kimberly T
  3. I was pain free

    I had never been to a chiropractor before. My wife had found great relief from pain by working with Dr. Christina, so I thought I would give it a try. About two years ago I went to see Dr. Christina with neck pain and problems with my hip. The pain in my hip was to the point where I thought I might need surgery. Dr. Christina worked with me for two months and I was pain free with great hip movement. I now see Dr. Christina once a month for a “tune up” and feel great. Dr. Christina worked miracles on me. I look forward to seeing Drs. Christina and Jeff each month.

    John M
  4. Very impressed! You should check her out!

    I stated seeing Dr. Christina about 6 weeks ago for a back issue. It was my first time to see a chiropractic doctor.
    I LOVE HER! It has been a great experience. A very organized office, clean, friendly! Best of all my back is feeling better! Christina is very knowledgeable and has innovative techniques.

    Very impressed! You should check her out!

    - Natalie K.
  5. I Wanted To Avoid Surgery…

    “I wanted to avoid surgery when I came to Adjust Your Health and I also wanted a young, enthusiastic practitioner – and Christina is fantastic! The calm relaxing and supportive environment Christina and Jeffrey have created help reduce both pain and my stress level. I can’t say enough about the professionalism with real caring provided by Adjust Your Health!”

    Michelle R.
  6. I came to AYHChiropractic with excruciating pain…

    From my personal research and past experience the chiropractor is my first and best choice for back pain. I came to AYHChiropractic with excruciating pain which effected every aspect of my life, my mood, my work performance, driving, walking, my love life, overall my whole quality of life was decreased. I no have NO PAIN! Chiropractic care has made a wonderful effect in my overall quality of life. Dr. Carter gives excellent personal, empathetic, and awesome care!

    Donavan H.
  7. Go see Dr. Carter at Adjust Your Health

    “Okay… the bottom line is that if you are in pain and would like a natural, painless, cost-effective way of getting rid of it. Go see Dr. Carter at Adjust Your Health. She is the best in her field and will help you. Thanks Dr. Carter… I feel great.”

    Perry E.
  8. I wanted a natural solution

    “I started with Dr. Carter because I wanted a natural solution. I am now walking better, my hip pain is much less, my neck pain and shoulder pain are gone. Its great to have myself out of so much pain! Yes, I would recommend Dr. Carter because it’s a natural way to just not put a bandage on the pain but help your body have a chance to health itself!”

    Patty M.
  9. I am very happy and satisfied…

    “I am very happy and satisfied with the professional way your office is ran, and the expert care that I received for my neck pain which is now vanished! Thanks Jeff for keeping me organized. Thanks for getting me back to normal.”

    Phil N.
  10. Dr. Carter Is Wonderful!

    “In the past a chiropractor had helped me but she no longer accepted Medicare so I starting seeing Dr. Carter because of my chronic neck pain that affected my life.. I feared it was going to be permanent, my low back pain, and my leg pain which interrupted sleep most nights. Now… neck PAIN IS TOTALLY GONE.. Yay! My lower back pain is absent most of the time and my hands and kness are so- so much better. Overall, I have much less pain to no pain some days. I feel much more hopeful about how I’ll fee as I’m agin. Dr. Carter is VERY SKILLED & KNOWLEDGEABLE & best of all CARING individual. She has taught me much and given me ways to help myself. SHE IS WONDERFUL!”

    Mary Kay Mc.