1. I feel better than I have felt in my entire adult life!

    Dr. Christina is not only an amazing person…she’s an amazing chiropractor! I have been very afraid of visiting chiropractors after my doctor told my mom at age 13 that I was a “chiropractor’s dream”. However, after converting to a profession that is physically demanding on my shoulders, back and neck…I simply felt like I no longer had an option (massages and Aleve weren’t cutting it). Dr. Christina worked her magic on me over the course of a couple of months and got me to the point where I can just return for “maintenance” visits. I feel better than I have felt in my entire adult life! I have a greater range of motion than I can remember ever having. I am so very grateful I found AYH and do not hesitate to recommend them.

    Shonna Dexter
  2. warm and welcoming

    I was cautious of going to a chiropractor as I was lead to believe that their treatments were painful. After experiencing whip lash due to an auto accident, I was willing to try just about anything to help me with the pain. I’d been treated by my primary care physician, had a series of physical therapy sessions and been to several massage therapists. Nothing helped. Thankfully, in 2010 I was fortunate to find Dr. Christina. Initially, I saw her on a regular basis and for the past 4 1/2 years have only needed to see her on a monthly basis for maintenance. I no longer have pain and consider her a miracle worker! Her chiropractic and needle-less acupuncture are totally painless and I look forward to our monthly sessions. She and Dr. Jeff are very professional, warm and welcoming. I highly recommend them to anyone needing chiropractic care.

    Hillary M
  3. She’s very easy to talk to and I love her approach

    Dr. Christina is fantastic!! I started seeing her when I moved to KC almost 2 years ago and I couldn’t have made a better choice in chiropractic care. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor for over 20 years to manage my migraine headaches and neck pain, and she is wonderful in managing my care. She truly cares for her patients, listens to your needs and is an honest and genuine person. She’s very easy to talk to and I love her approach. I always look forward to my bi-weekly visit. I’m very thankful for her!

    Julie S. in Leawood
  4. Her patient support, professionalism, and quality of care is spectacular.

    I’ve gone to chiropractors since I was 5 years old. Dr. Christina is the best I’ve seen. She treats me regularly; I had spinal fusion surgery, to make sure I remain healthy for many years to come. Her patient support, professionalism, and quality of care is spectacular. I will, and have, recommended her to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Christina!

    Jen Tubbesing
  5. They’re simply the best!

    I lived with migraines and back pain for years. Adjust Your Health changed all that for me! Since beginning my treatment in 2014, I have had maybe 3-4 headaches and my back pain has been completely relieved! No crazy twisting or popping, just gentle manipulation to move things back into place. I have been to several chiropractors and not one of them have been able to help like Dr. Christina. They’re simply the best!

    Kristen Pearson
  6. You will not be disappointed!!

    I was never a believer in chiropractic care until I visited Adjust Your Health. Drs. Jeff and Christina are thorough and do an excellent job explaining the proposed treatment plan in detail, so you understand exactly how and why it will work for you. I struggled with migraines for years, and Dr. Christina was the only doctor to fully fix the issue. Highly recommend Adjust Your Health! You will not be disappointed!!

    Kimberly Shaw
  7. insight and professionalism

    I was so glad to hear of “Adjust your Health Chiropractic”. The insight and professionalism of these two made a tough situation far a way from home do-a-ble.

    Denise Sheets
  8. Highly, highly recommend!!!!!!!

    Dr. Christina and Dr. Jeff are the best-period. I discovered them online during a severe bout of pain and they got me in right away and felt relief after my first adjustment. Due to their gentle style of adjustment, you will not feel like you’ve been hit by a bus the next day. They truly care about their patients ongoing recovery and well-being! Highly, highly recommend!!!!!!!

    Carrie Johnson
  9. The treatment I have received since I started going there is amazing.

    I have been going to chiropractors for most of my life for help with my headaches and lower back pain. I have tried many different doctors in the Kansas City area. Most of them want to twist and turn me every different direction possible…and a lot of times I would feel worse after leaving their office. That is not the case at this office. The treatment I have received since I started going there is amazing. After Dr. Christina adjusts me, my headache is gone and the pain in my lower back disappears. I highly recommend this office to all of my friends and co-workers every chance I get. It’s a very busy office but another amazing thing about AYH…almost anytime I call and need to be adjusted Dr. Jeff always seems to schedule me in there somehow.

    Phil Stewart
  10. Thank God I found Dr. Christina

    I have lumbar spinal stenosis. When I was first diagnosed I was seeing another chiropractor, he referred me out to a pain specialist who referred me to a surgeon. This was a devastating time, I was only 33 with a young child and could not fathom undergoing back surgery. Thank God I found Dr. Christina, she has been keeping me and my back healthy and strong for years now. She even got me through a rough 2nd pregnancy at 38 years old! If you are concerned about being manipulated, her gentle yet extremely effective approach has been keeping my family happy and healthy for years. I am so grateful for Dr. Christina and Dr. Jeff. They truly are an incredibly compassionate team of caregivers.

    Trish Crane