1. Short or No Wait To See The Doctor!

    “It’s the ease of knowing I don’t have to spend any time waiting to see Dr.Carter. She has always taken time to answer any questions that I have and always pleasant to talk to about your pain or symptoms. Again, not having to sit in a chair and wait 10-15 minutes to get into your appointment is a big plus for me!”

    Brad D.
  2. Always Polite & Helpful

    “My overall condition has improved and the quality of care and concern was always there for me! They are always polite and explained my condition completely!”

    Loretta L.
  3. No More Sciatica!!

    “I decided to go to a chiropractor because nothing else had helped (physicians, shoe lift, exercise, massage, PT, pain pills) and I thought, why not? I was having low back pain, sciatica down my right leg, and pain in my right hand. Now, I have no sciatica!! and decreased joint pain and an improvement in my hand flexibility. I realized through actual experience that chiropractic is another tool for me to achieve and maintain wellness.”

    Marsha D.
  4. Great Treatment, Excellent Service, Very Friendly Staff

    “I chose to go to a chiropractor because of my knee pain, mid and lower back pain. I now have no more pain and I even sleep better than I used to. I receive great treatment, excellent service, very friendly staff and very helpful. Thank you Dr. Carter for everything you did for me. :)”

    A. Mukic
  5. I Wanted To Prevent Surgery

    “I decided to go to a chiropractor because I was told I would need surgery on my shoulder and wanted to prevent this. I was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff which prevented me from participating in my hobbies and couldn’t lift much. My neck hurt so much it would wake me up and keep me from sleeping. The headaches that came with the neck pain made me sick to my stomach. After treatment with Dr.Carter, I now can work on my hobbies, don’t have to take medication, don’t suffer with headaches, have much more stamina, and I sleep much better.”

    Monica F.
  6. I used to suffer with constant discomfort…

    “I used to suffer with constant discomfort overall, I had tingling in my hands & arms, my hip had no flexibility (even problems putting my shoes and socks on), and constant knee and ankle pain and weakness. After I started treatment at Adjust Your Health, my tingling has been greatly reduced and my knees and ankles are greatly improved as well. Overall, now I live with a lot less discomfort.”

    Max M.
  7. I have not near the discomfort I had before…

    “I decided to go to Adjust Your Health because of my dad’s long and successful history of chiropractic treatment and because Medicare pays the bulk of the cost. I was concerned that my lower back and neck discomfort would worsen over time without treatment. Now, I have not near the discomfort I had before even with a new job that requires frequent lifting and pushing. I feel in better shape physically and know I can sustain it with ongoing maintenance adjustments and prescribed exercises.”

    Skip S.
  8. I can’t thank Dr. Carter enough

    “I woke up one morning just as I had for over a year; stiff, unable to turn my head, pain down my neck into my shoulders & I thought I have to do something! Two MD’s in the last 16 months had given me pain medication & sleeping pills (not a way of life for me) only to have constant pain anyway. I remembered seeing “Adjust Your Health” & thought “what have I got to lose.” They got me right in; took x-rays, talked about what was found, gave me payments options & described treatment. The first week I could tell a difference in my sleep & amount of pain. I now feel wonderful! The first time in over a year I wake up without stiffness, I can stretch in the mornings & sleep through the night w/out waking up w/numb arms. Today I don?t use any ointments, sleeping aids, or pain meds. It was like being kept in a box & then someone opening it up & you feel great! I can’t thank Dr. Carter enough. If you want to get your life back give yourself this gift by going to see them.”

    R. Noland
  9. Migraine Headaches

    “Since I was a small child, I have suffered from migraine headaches. I couldn’t find out why I kept getting them over and over, and they started to hurt worse and worse and last longer each time. They started to come as frequent as two to three times per week. then I met Dr.Carter. She took an x-ray and then started treating my 7 pinched nerves. I had no idea that my back and neck had gotten that out of whack! She saved me and to this day (almost 1 year later) I can’t remember my last headache! I would recommend Dr. Carter to anyone who is experiencing any pain. She will get rid of it! Thank you so much Dr.Carter!”

    Shelley W.