1. Dr Carter Got Rid Of My Life Long Migraines

    “Dr. Carter is awesome; she got rid of the migraines I have suffered with most of my life. She and her staff are both professional and understanding. I’ve referred several people to her office, and they tell me they are just as happy as I am.”

    D. Bench
  2. After each treatment I felt better and better…

    “I was experiencing low back pain for years, ever since I had my first child. A friend I work with told me how Dr. Carter had helped with the pain between her shoulders so I thought I would give it a try. After each treatment I felt better and better. Even after my back pain was gone I continued going to Adjust Your Health because now I sleep much better and don’t get sick as often!”

    Kari M.
  3. Greatly Improved Carpal Tunnel & Shoulder Pain

    “I came in to see Dr. Carter the first time almost as a “dare” by with co-workers. I’d had shoulder pain and had been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for nearly five years. I’d seen Occupational Therapists before and was taking nearly 1000mg of ibuprofen per day just to function normally. After some informative X-rays and a few painful initial visits, I noticed I wasn’t reaching for a pill bottle as much anymore. Subsequent visits became less painful, and I began anticipating being adjusted. In time, the day to day pains became less prolonged, and it was days between doses of ibuprofen. With Dr. Carter’s care and instruction, my hairdressing career has been extended indefinitely. Pains come and they go, but it’s greatly managed by a unforeseen partner I’ve made with Adjust Your Health. I’m glad for my co-workers’ challenge, and my own persistence!”

    C.M. Holliday
  4. Highly Recommend Adjust Your Health

    “Adjust Your Health has taken good care of my wife, myself, and my two children for over a year now. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

    Jerry C.
  5. A Highly Qualified Chiropractor

    “I had pinched a nerve in my back moving furniture upstairs. I suffered for several months using pain killers and nothing worked! I couldn’t even peal potatoes without hurting much less do anything fun. Dr. Carter came highly recommended by a good friend of mine. Now I feel 95% better and am pain free most of the time. Not having constant pain lets me enjoy my hobbies and normal life again. I also can sleep better and have quit taking sleeping aides! I feel Dr. Carter is a highly qualified Chiropractor and her office is so pleasant to work with.”

    N. Hosler
  6. Dr. Carter is great

    “Dr. Carter is great; she listens & really seems to care about her patients.”

    Jennifer Y.
  7. I can’t remember when my last headache was…

    “Overall I feel well now! I can’t remember when my last headache was… my back pain is a lot better too!”

    Michelle P.
  8. Dr. Carter has worked with me closely on my treatment and budget

    “Dr. Carter has worked with me closely on my treatment and my budget. Dr Jeff and Dr. Christina are first and foremost concerned about your health and well-being before the price of the services. Dr. Carter is always ready to add to or adjust my treatment, but was quick to find a process that worked for me and had me in and out of the office in less than 20 minutes.”

    K. Segers
  9. I am excited about living pain free!

    “My experience at Adjust Your Health has been effective & pleasant. I had been suffering with chronic back pain & tight muscles for years. When addressed by other Dr.s, I never really knew what was causing the pain & I never received a plan to treat the problem long term. After a very thorough evaluation from Dr. Carter I found out I did have scoliosis & she explained why I had the pain. After years of just managing the pain through massage & stretching, it was such a relief to get to the cause of the pain – Dr. Carter gave me a plan for treatment that has decreased my pain significantly, improving my quality of life & decreasing fatigue. After a series of treatments I was re-evaluated & given a wellness plan so that my improvements will be maintained long term. The flexibility they had in scheduling my appointments around a busy schedule made getting my treatments even easier. With a good exercise plan & my wellness plan at Adjust Your Health I am excited about living pain free!”

    Mindy Gray
  10. I move better, have less pain, and overall am much happier!

    “I had hip pain for several yrs and took Motrin without much relief. It even kept me awake at night. Now my back feels much better and I don’t take pain meds for it. I move better, have less pain, and overall am much happier! Something else I noticed was that I did not have the Spring Allergies I usually have and didn’t take any allergy meds more than a few times even though in the past years I’ve had to take allergy shots. I didn’t know what to expect, but this has been great for me and I feel much better!”

    M. Carter