“I decided to see a chiropractor because I wanted to get pain taken care of effectively with treatment as oppsed to medication. I had tailbone, sciatic nerve, and low back pain. Since I had begun receiving treatment, ALL MY PAINS ARE GONE and now I have peace of mind in knowing adjustments will take care of any issues that com up.”

    Trudy T.
  2. With much less pain; life is brighter…

    “I started going to a chiropractor because I was unable to complete my work because of pain, couldn’t maintain a good posture, and because it was the least invasive treatment. Since I started treatment, I now have much less pain, freedom of movement, and overall can see the light at the end of the tunnel! With much less pain; life is brighter…”

    Betty M.
  3. I Had Restricted Neck Movement…

    “I came to see Dr. Carter because I had restricted neck movement which impaired my driving from an old 1978 shoulder injury. Now that I receive regular care at AYH I have less pain, greater range of motion, and complete elimination of the crunching noise I used to have in my neck. Dr. Christina Carter is an excellent physician with much appreciated patient skills.”

    Al T.
  4. Thank you, Dr. Carter for taking care of my family…

    “My husband, teenage son, and I have gone to Dr. Carter for years to help with our Aches & pains with great success but when our 5 year old, Steven, developed headaches & problems sleeping I was nervous about bringing him in – Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The treatment was very gentle and within a few visits he was sleeping through the night and his headaches were a thing of the past. Thank you, Dr. Carter for taking care of my family.”

    Kari G.
  5. After 2 weeks I can honestly say I felt 100% better

    “I had tried going to my family doc but it didn’t help, either did pain meds so when I saw an ad in the paper I decided to try Dr.Carter. After 2 weeks I can honestly say I felt 100% better. It actually works! Before it was painful to work and when I would get home from work all I could do was lay down and sleep, I had no engery to even walk my dog. I felt helpless. I now have much more energy and can do more activities (even walk my dog). It’s strange not to have pain! I would have never guessed it would have worked.. but it did!”

    Chuck H.
  6. Not the Sterotypical Chiropractor

    “My mother convinced me that Dr. Carter was not the stereotypical Chiropractor. So, I began seeing her for the stress that caused the tension through my back and neck which would then lead to headaches. I am now much less stress, no back and neck pain and overall happier emotionally because I feel better physically. Life is different now because I am better able to handle stress physically.”

    W. Weeks
  7. The Treatment Simply Made Sense…

    “I went to a chiropractor because I had never been before and the treatment simply made sense. I was suffering with low back pain and hip pain. I now live with much less pain in my back. Thank you.”

    Mark M.
  8. Improved Hip Pain & Hand Movement

    “My past experience with chiropractic care has been helpful. I like the idea of treating the source rather than covering up the pain with meds. I came to Dr. Carter because of my low back pain, pain in my hip which had resulted in numbness in my thigh. I also wanted to see the annoying joint pain in my hand could be helped. I now live with very little, rare flare of pain in my hip and saw I improved movement in my hand with no pain remaining. The main thing I’ve noticed is that I can enjoy a good walk with suffering from the pain!”

    D. Lee
  9. Shoulder/Arm Pain and Headaches

    “I came to Adjust Your Health because of shoulder/arm pain and my headaches. After treatment, I now feel much better…. I have very little pain when raising my arm but no constant shoulder pain like before. Since my chiropractic care I feel better and enjoy having the use of my left arm again!”

    J. Lee
  10. No Comparison To Other Chiropractors

    “I had been to other chiropractors before and although they helped, the pain associated with the adjustments caused me to stop going to the appointments. Dr. Christina Carter utilizes an approach and technique that has little or no discomfort and gets amazing results. There is no reason to live with nagging aches and pains, when it is so easy to get beyond them and be as active as I want to be.”

    Bill G.