I can’t thank Dr. Carter enough

“I woke up one morning just as I had for over a year; stiff, unable to turn my head, pain down my neck into my shoulders & I thought I have to do something! Two MD’s in the last 16 months had given me pain medication & sleeping pills (not a way of life for me) only to have constant pain anyway. I remembered seeing “Adjust Your Health” & thought “what have I got to lose.” They got me right in; took x-rays, talked about what was found, gave me payments options & described treatment. The first week I could tell a difference in my sleep & amount of pain. I now feel wonderful! The first time in over a year I wake up without stiffness, I can stretch in the mornings & sleep through the night w/out waking up w/numb arms. Today I don?t use any ointments, sleeping aids, or pain meds. It was like being kept in a box & then someone opening it up & you feel great! I can’t thank Dr. Carter enough. If you want to get your life back give yourself this gift by going to see them.”

R. Noland