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Raechel Ubert           Massage Therapist

At Adjust Your Health, we take a village approach because we believe adding different health specialists, such as massage therapists, together is what yields a customized treatment plan for you. This approach allows a drastic increase in success rate.

We have massage therapy in our clinic because of the amazing benefits it offers to our patients. Having the ability to speak with your massage therapist and correlate treatment with your chiropractic care provides quicker response rates and an overall longer lasting wellness.

*** Massage ONLY clients are always welcome in our office. You will never be expected or swayed to try chiropractic. In our office, the therapies can be combined or completely separate.  The choice is yours.

How Massage Therapy is looked at in our office:

  1. To address a specific condition and help yield the intended result
  2. To maintain your resolved condition and promote overall wellness

At Adjust Your Health we take a medical approach to massage therapy. This means your specific condition is discussed between providers in order to customize the best massage treatment for you. Massage therapy is available in the form of individual sessions, part of a treatment plan prescribed by Dr. Christina or as a Wellness Membership. That’s why you’ll notice you won’t be picking a “type” or “technique” of massage therapy like “Swedish” or “Deep Tissue” but simply a time frame; then we work with you to develop a perfectly tailored massage just for you.

Our Three Levels of Massage Therapy:

  • 30-minute (focused) massage: This session is for a specific condition and is a true 30 minutes of massage therapy  (not a chair massage)

    • 30 minutes focused on your specific condition (carpal tunnel, back pain, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, etc.)
    • This session length is a favorite of our busy professionals!
  • 60-minute massage: This session can be used as an expanded condition massage, overall bodywork, or general wellness massage and is a true 60 minutes of massage therapy

    • allows our massage therapists to address your condition and the surrounding areas
    • allows for overall body work to be performed and is great for relaxation and stress reduction
  • 90-minute massage: This session allows your specific condition to be addressed as well as your entire body for ultimate progress and advancement to whole-body wellness and is a true 90 minutes of massage therapy

    • allows all body areas to be addressed in detail
    • allows your condition specific massage therapy to be addressed in full
    • allows multiple forms of massage to be used in one session

If you are a new massage therapy patient in our office please take the time to fill out the paperwork below or arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your massage therapy appointment so you may fill out the paperwork in the office.

*** Remember – massage therapy in our office is considered medical so please no tipping; and feel free to use your Flex, HSA , or Benny card for payment!

Print, fill out & bring these 2 forms to your first massage.

It helps us tailor the massage just for you!

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