Vertigo Treatment Delivered by Your Trusted Chiropractor AND MASSAGE THERAPISTS in Leawood

Vertigo, and dizziness of all types, is often confusing and puzzling to its sufferers. Many disorders can cause dizziness, from ear infections to problems with circulation. However, an often overlooked cause is joint misalignment or “dysfunction” in the neck.

Dizziness that originates from the neck comes from nerve receptors in the spinal joints called “proprioceptors.” These nerve endings sense the position of the spine and help the inner ear coordinate overall posture and balance. Just as disturbance of the inner ear from infection can cause dizziness, over-stimulation of the proprioceptive nerve endings in the neck from joint dysfunction can cause the same symptoms.

5 Symptoms of Vertigo Infograph


In patients who experienced dizziness that originated in the neck, researchers had an 80 percent success rate treating those patients with chiropractic care. They concluded that joint dysfunction in the neck is a common cause of headache in the upper neck and the back of the head, and that in some patients was accompanied by dizziness. They further concluded that chiropractic care is an effective means of resolving these symptoms in many patients. Massage therapy is in place to help release tension and compression within certain muscles which will alleviate the dizziness. Anyone who experiences dizziness, particularly if it is accompanied by neck pain and headache over the back of the skull, should have a chiropractic care evaluation for joint dysfunction in the neck.

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