Restoring Optimal Health Through Chiropractic Treatments

During the phase of corrective care, our main objective is to relieve you of recurring pain or discomfort; working to eliminate the symptoms that caused you to seek medical care.

Corrective chiropractic care is the most common phase of treatment performed by most chiropractors.  Here at Adjust Your Health in Leawood, we are considered pain control experts in our field – both on the diagnostic side and the treatment side. We believe several things need to take place in order to determine the most successful treatment plan for you.  It begins with a detailed consultation with Dr. Christina, a full evaluation consisting of neurological and orthopedic testing, x-rays with Dr. Jeff if needed and then a complete explanation of findings during a sit-down appointment with Dr. Christina.  Depending on the severity and complicating factors of your condition, a treatment plan consisting of gentle chiropractic adjustments and electro-acupuncture will be custom made for you. We have treated thousands of patients successfully here in our clinic since 2008 and know what treatment works best for which conditions.

Here at Adjust Your Health, we believe it’s important to know when we can’t help or think you should be evaluated outside of our office. We work seamlessly with many traditional medicine doctors in the area due to our modern chiropractic approach and promise to point you in the correct direction even if that is outside of our office. Dr. Christina knows many of these doctors on a personal basis and will recommend the correct physician for you when needed.

If you are new to chiropractic care – please call our office with any questions or schedule a consultation to sit down and discuss your condition with Dr. Christina. We look forward to meeting you and helping you attain pain-free functionality and health.