1. How Can Massage Therapy Relieve Sciatica?

    Sciatica is one of the most painful musculoskeletal disorders that can affect people of all ages and abilities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists sciatica as one of the most common pain complaints among adults in the U.S., which affects more than 10 percent of the adult population. Sciatic nerve pain begins in the lower back and travels down into the buttocks, thighs, and …Read More

  2. How to Boost Your Health and Happiness in the New Year

    The turn of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your health and wellness routine. By setting new goals and intentions for yourself, you can not only improve your health, but also boost your happiness. After all, when you feel good and have less pain, it’s often easier to be in a better mood. In fact, studies show that there is a direct correlation between pain and mood: St…Read More

  3. 5 Common Causes of Sciatica

    Sciatic nerve pain is a common condition affecting many people. In fact, one study shows that for many patients who have lower back pain, about 5-10 percent suffer from sciatica. In our recent blog posts, we have spent some time exploring sciatica and how patients can find sciatica relief at home with self-care techniques in conjunction with the gentle (no twist) chiropractic care they receive at …Read More