1. 5 Exercise Tips For Leawood Chiropractic Patients To Speed Healing And Maintain Health

    Chiropractic care is designed to alleviate pain and restore the body to its natural balance. For chiropractors, injury prevention is key for sustaining a healthy body. Good practices combined with solid exercises creates toned muscles that protect the body and spine from harm. While each of our Overland Park patients receives exercise instructions for their specific condition, the following exerci…Read More

  2. How Leawood Chiropractic Care Eases Common Types of Back Pain

    Your Chiropractor in Leawood Offers Drug-Free Relief from that Pain Do you suffer from back pain? Well, you’re not alone. According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work, and the second most common reason for visiting a doctor (only behind upper respiratory infections). Why is back pain so common? There is more than one answer to t…Read More

  3. Spring Cleaning: Your Master Checklist for Preventing Back Pain From Your Leawood Chiropractor

    Three Minutes with Dr. Christina - Your Overland Park Chiropractor My favorite thing about this time of year is to open all the windows in the house for the first time since fall and air out the house - it's a sure sign spring has begun! Unfortunately, this time of year also means it's spring cleaning time. Cleaning your house from top to bottom involves a lot of bending, reaching and twisting tha…Read More