1. How Chiropractic Helps A Bulging Disc

    How Chiropractic Helps A Bulging Disc Bulging disc is often thought of as a normal part of the aging process. It causes pain and decreases mobility. Athletes and people who have jobs that are very physical are often prone to bulging discs and other disc problems. Smoking tobacco can also be a contributing factor in spinal discs deteriorating and weakening. Chiropractic has been proven to be an eff…Read More

  2. How Shoulder Pain Can Be Relieved by Chiropractic

    How Shoulder Pain Can Be Relieved by Chiropractic The shoulder goes through a lot in a day. It is comprised of an intricate network of ligaments and muscles, with the rotator cuff taking the brunt of much of the movement and exertion. Not only is the shoulder the most flexible joint in the human body, it is also one of the most unstable. Among athletes, shoulder injuries are quite common; the sho…Read More

  3. 4 Benefits of Stretching for Chiropractic Patients

    4 Benefits of Stretching for Chiropractic Patients Most people stretch and hardly pay any attention to it. Throughout the day a person may stretch upon waking or after they’ve been sitting in the same position for a while. They might do some stretches before working out or as part of physical therapy. Stretching often makes us feel better but it might be surprising to discover that it is actuall…Read More

  4. The Effects Of Mobile Device Usage On The Spine

    How Mobile Devices are Wrecking Our Spines Nearly everyone has a smartphone or mobile device these days, and while there is some merit to this technology by keeping us more connected – at least virtually – it is wreaking havoc on our bodies. When you look at the posture that people assume when texting, reading email, or browsing social media while on their mobile device or smartphone, you will…Read More

  5. What Chiropractic Patients Should Know About Whole Food Supplements vs. Synthetic

    We always eat our vegetables, drink our kale smoothies, and tear through a bag of fruit on a daily basis, right? Uh, sure, whatever. The truth is, most Americans are busy and make dubious dietary choices. Meat-heavy, overly processed, and skimpy on the vegetables is mostly what describes our meals. Some of us try to counterbalance our imperfect eating choices by taking vitamin supplements to help …Read More

  6. End Vertigo And Dizziness

    Vertigo and dizziness are very common, yet uncomfortable symptoms in chiropractic patients. Vertigo causes you to experience the feeling of the world spinning; dizziness is more of a lightheaded feeling, both are nothing you want to be dealing with. This can affect your everyday life, and make it difficult to perform common tasks you are used to. The symptoms associated with these two ailments are…Read More

  7. How To Relieve Your Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

    Carpal tunnel is a very unpleasant condition, and it is affecting more people than ever before. We are constantly typing at a computer, texting on a phone, or just constantly having our wrist in an unnatural position. All these repetitive movements cause pressure to build and make this condition quite painful. Carpal tunnel is the result of pressure being placed on the median nerve which runs thro…Read More

  8. The How’s and Why’s of Sciatica and Chiropractic

    Helping You With Your Sciatic Nerve Pain The scientific proof of the effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments on sciatic nerve pain is becoming difficult to argue with. Spine health doctors, chiropractors and other health experts can all attest to the benefits that chiropractic care delivers to those who suffer from sciatica. But many still question "how?" To fully answer that question, we must f…Read More

  9. The Most Effective Natural Treatments for Sciatica

    How Chiropractic Adjustments Help More than Other Remedies Nagging, shooting pain that travels down the back of the leg is the main symptom of sciatica, or sciatic nerve pain. Sufferers that deal with the daily pain of sciatica know the frustration of finding an effective, drug-free source of relief as its recurring symptoms can flare up without warning and can be a daily occurrence. Sciatic nerve…Read More

  10. Making Your Chiropractic Adjustment Last

    How You Can Experience Longer and Better Results With Your Chiropractic Care In Leawood  On their own, singular chiropractic adjustments are temporary by nature. When spinal manipulation is performed, it alleviates immediate pressure; but for that adjustment to hold on a long-term basis, additional care must be taken. To be able to experience optimum results that are long-lasting, it is imperativ…Read More