1. Could Your Child Be Suffering From Back Pain From Their Own Backpack?

    The Prevalence of Back Pain in School Kids Who Use Backpacks While back pain is a known and widely-studied issue in adults, its prevalence in school-aged children has received comparatively little scientific attention. Elementary, middle, and high school students most often carry backpacks that weigh enough to cause chronic back pain, poor posture, and even decreased lung volume. Recently, several…Read More

  2. The Tumultuous Relationship Between Sleep & Back Pain

    Three Minutes with Dr. Christina - Your Overland Park Chiropractor We all know how important sleep is.  When we are tired we can't seem to get anything done but in addition to that, our body is unable to heal.  This is the number one reason why I talk with my Overland Park Chiropractic patients about their sleep. Not all of us need the same amount of sleep, but we all need quality sleep to allo…Read More

  3. Back Injury Prevention Tips From Your Overland Park Chiropractor

    Three minutes with Dr. Christina - Your Overland Park chiropractor If you're like any of my Overland Park Chiropractic patients, you don't need anything to tell you, a good reason, to prevent your back pain. We have all seen how terrible back pain can be, either personally, or simply from watching Tiger Woods fall to his knees because his back went into spasm during a televised golf tournament. B…Read More