Sciatica pain can range from a mild, nagging ache to excruciating pain that can limit your ability to do the things you enjoy most. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent sciatic pain, which we began exploring in our last post. Gentle (no twist) chiropractic care, massage, and electroacupuncture individually and collaboratively provide a safe and effective alternative to simply masking the pain with prescription medications and undergoing invasive surgery. But there are self-care methods you can implement into your daily routine to help you prevent sciatic pain and discomfort from settling in. If you would like to begin sciatic pain treatment, call your chiropractor in Overland Park at Adjust Your Health Chiropractic & Massage Therapy. In the meantime, here are three more preventative self-care tips for your consideration.

Stand and Stretch

For those who sit for prolonged periods of time, it is important to stand and stretch. Sitting can place stress and pressure on your buttocks which can aggravate your sciatic nerve. Making a point to stand at least once every hour can help decrease pressure on the lower back and sciatic nerve to prevent pain. Standing for 20 minutes is ideal, but you can start by standing a few minutes and gradually extending your standing time. Plus, standing gives you a chance to walk around to get the blood flowing. You can even lightly stretch your lower back by bending over and dropping your arms to the ground or reaching for your toes. Talk with your Overland Park chiropractor to see if this is a good stretch for your body.

Stay Hydrated

Giving your body the oxygen and nutrients it gets from water is essential for cell production, circulation, and proper function of your soft tissues. What’s more, drinking plenty of water fights dehydration which can contribute to pain, muscle tension, limited mobility, decreased range of motion, and poor flexibility in the spinal muscles.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Eating raw foods in place of processed foods can fight inflammation. Rather than munching on salty, greasy, sugary snack foods at work, supplement your diet with sweet, juicy fruits and crunchy veggies to give your spine and tissues the nutrients they crave. This can ease sciatic nerve inflammation and pain.

Contact Your Overland Park Chiropractor

Your health and wellness is our number-one priority. Following these healthy habits can help prevent pain caused from sciatica and can work in conjunction with your gentle chiropractic treatments to relieve sciatic pain. Feel free to call your Overland Park chiropractor at (913) 681-7757 with any questions, and to arrange for your chiropractic care today.

Thank you for reading!

Dr. Christina 🙂