Sciatica is a common type of lower back pain that will affect as many as 40 percent of people in the United State at some point in their lives. If you joined us for our recent post, you learned all about sciatica, its causes, risk factors, common symptoms, and non-surgical treatments for relieving and preventing sciatic pain. Along with receiving gentle (no twist) chiropractic treatments, massage therapy, and electroacupuncture with us at Adjust Your Health Chiropractic & Massage Therapy, there are preventative steps you can take to relieve and prevent sciatic pain. To begin sciatic pain relief treatments, call your Overland Park chiropractor today to arrange an appointment. In the meantime, here are four self-care methods for you to consider for relieving and preventing sciatic pain and discomfort.

Maintain Good Posture

Maintaining good posture is always the best practice for supporting your spinal health. Slouching when standing or sitting can place additional pressure on different points along the spine, especially the lower back. It’s important to hold good posture while sitting, especially when you sit for long periods of time. To ensure proper posture, sit in a good, supportive chair, use a lumbar back support that engages the natural arch of your lower back, and make use of armrests. Ensure your seating area is ergonomic to prevent straining, slouching, and overall poor posture. Adjust your chair to a good, comfortable height, keeping your hips and knees parallel to one another.

Stay Active

Exercising regularly is an effective way to strengthen your core muscles in your back and abdomen that support your spine and contribute to good posture. Engaging in physical activities like biking or walking for 20-30 minutes three to five times a week can keep your soft tissues strong while helping you maintain a healthy weight. Plus, staying active can encourage your body’s natural pain relieving and healing abilities while also positively affecting your mood and overall well-being.

Be Mindful Of Your Body Mechanics

Being mindful of your body mechanics can prevent injuries that can contribute to sciatica pain. For instance, if you lift light to heavy objects, be sure to lift properly by letting your legs to the work as you lift straight up and down, keeping your back straight and bending at the knees (not the lower back). Find assistance when lifting heavy or awkwardly-shaped objects. Using a lifting back brace can also support your posture and protect your back from lifting wrong.

If you stand for long periods, stand on a supportive floor mat and keep a stool handy to rest your foot on, alternating each foot regularly. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes with a good arch, heel, and ankle support, which will also support your knees and lower back.

Call Your Overland Park Chiropractor

These are just some of the ways you can prevent injuries and other causes of sciatic pain. What more, following these tips can enhance your gentle chiropractic adjustments and massage treatments for sciatica pain relief. If you have questions about sciatic pain relief or want to arrange for an appointment, call your Overland Park chiropractor at (913) 681-7757 today! We are here to help you feel better so you can live your life without nagging or excruciating sciatic pain.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Christina 🙂