Carpal tunnel is a very unpleasant condition, and it is affecting more people than ever before. We are constantly typing at a computer, texting on a phone, or just constantly having our wrist in an unnatural position. All these repetitive movements cause pressure to build and make this condition quite painful. Carpal tunnel is the result of pressure being placed on the median nerve which runs through your carpal tunnel. This nerve controls the majority of your hand.

Carpal TunnelThe symptoms associated with carpal tunnel are numbness, tingling, weakness, and a pain that can travel all the way to your elbow. We at Adjust Your Health Chiropractic want to let you know tricks you can perform at home to alleviate some of your carpal tunnel symptoms and ultimately educate you on how our chiropractic services can dissipate your symptoms in an effective manner.

Home care

Mix it Up

One of the main reasons we get carpal tunnel is because we are repetitively doing something with our hand or wrist that wasn’t meant to be done. Make sure you are taking breaks and resting your wrist and hands every so often, especially if you work at a computer. Try to switch up movements as frequently as you are able to.

Keep it Cold

Using ice can help, because it will cause the swelling to deplete and will relieve the pressure on the median nerve. You want to ice your wrist for about 15 minutes at least once an hour if possible.

Splint it

Wearing a splint at night will really diminish the pressure on the median nerve and give you some pain relief.

Adjust Your Health Chiropractic believes these are all superb ways to help with any carpal tunnel symptoms, but to alleviate your ailment, you can come to our professionals. Dr. Christina and Dr. Jeff Carter are well versed in many different chiropractic techniques. They have a great understanding of how the body works and what it take14013-icon1s to properly heal it.

  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Manipulate the joints
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle consultations
  • Nutritional counseling

These things, hand in hand, are designed to work cohesively to help your symptoms disappear. Pain relief from carpal tunnel involves making the whole body a better running machine. Staying healthy with a great diet and wellness is key to your success. Please don’t hesitate to call Adjust Your Health Chiropractic today. Our staff and doctors are willing and able to help you get rid of this inconvenience to your everyday life.