Have you been searching for ways to improve the health of your back? By making small adjustments to your daily routine, you can make a big impact on the health of not only your spine, but your body as a whole — a healthy spine often means a happy back. You see, the spine and central nervous system regulate all the systems in your body, and when these control mechanisms aren’t functioning properly due to injury, illness, infection, or some other dysfunction, this can affect the function of the other systems. When this happens, you may experience discomfort, limited movement and mobility, limited range of motion, radiating pain, and other symptoms. But we have good news! There are healthy habits you can implement daily to improve the health of your spine for a happier back (and body) that is pain free. Below are three health and wellness tips for you to consider for a healthy, happy back. When your spine needs a little help to feel and function better, call your Overland Park chiropractor at Adjust Your Health for gentle (no twist) chiropractic care.

Three Tips For A Healthy Spine

Be Mindful Of Your Posture

Slouching with your shoulders hung over your body often feels comfortable at the time, but it is terrible for your neck and back. Improve your spinal health by being mindful of your posture. For instance, if you’re working at a computer and notice your shoulders slumping forward, and you feel your neck leaning back into your shoulders, take a deep breath, engage your core, straighten your neck and drop your shoulders toward your hips. You should feel an immediate release of tension in your neck, upper back, and lower back. Follow this same process when standing. Slouching while you stand places additional stress and pressure on your lower back, which can contribute to muscle aches in the back, hips, and legs. When you practice good posture, this improves your circulation, allowing for better communication between your brain, spine, and nervous system, which benefits the whole body.

Keep Moving

Staying stagnant for long periods of time can lead to cramping, stiffness, and ache in your neck and back. This is true for extensive sitting, lying down, and standing. When you move and stay active, you can keep your soft tissues flexible because movement stimulates blood flow and circulation. This is essential for transporting oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues in the body that support the hard tissue such as your spine and joints. If you sit at a desk for most of the day, make it a routine to stand up and walk around every hour. Standing for 20 minutes each hour can give your circulation a boost while also improving mental functions such as a focus and clarity. Plus, getting your blood flowing can give you a natural energy boost throughout your day. You can also stretch throughout the day to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation. Talk with your chiropractor in Overland Park about which stretches may be best for your specific needs.  

Walk Your Way To Health

Walking does wonders for your spinal health. Walking briskly three to five times a week for 20-45 minutes not only gets the blood flowing, but it can also help you shed weight from your midsection as well as your whole body. Carrying extra weight around the midsection can contribute to lower back pain because the additional weight places more pressure on the nerves and spine in the lower back and hips. While this can be painful, it can also limit your mobility. Plus, walking is a low impact exercise that is great for strengthening muscles, connective tissues, and joints in the back and throughout the body.

Visit Your Overland Park Chiropractor

Making these small adjustments to your daily routine can make a big difference in how your back feels and functions. What’s more, practicing good posture, staying active, and walking regularly can enhance chiropractic treatments, therefore, reducing pain, improving nerve function, and encouraging good circulation. Give us a call today at (913) 681-7757 to combine gentle chiropractic treatments with the healthy habits you’re practicing at home. You can also visit our site to learn about medical massage therapy and how this may benefit your health. Thanks for reading!

Dr. Christina 🙂