3 Minutes with Dr. Christina  Your Overland Park Chiropractor

neck pain relief Overland Park Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you my thoughts on sitting too long and the affect it has on my patient’s headaches and neck pain. As your leading Overland Park Chiropractor, I would like to give you some insight on this ever-growing problem.

Are you someone that spends their work day sitting at a desk in front of a computer like most of our patients do? If so, this makes you prone to increased static muscle tension in the neck and upper back, leading to headaches and migraines.  Over even a short period of time this chronic tension begins to pull and pinch causing neck pain and stiffness, upper back pain, shoulder pain and arm pain.  The bottom line is: we aren’t made to sit all day… we were made to move!

In addition to making sure you simply move more, here are three of my quick and easy tips to relieving neck pain and headaches caused from sitting too long:

  1. Take breaks! Get up! Walk around!

  2. Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water during the day.

  3. Make sure your work area is ergonomic. Consider a standing desk!

Of course, preventing neck pain and headaches is best, but if your chronic tension and neck stiffness from sitting too long is already causing you problems then visit your chiropractor. If you don’t have an Overland Park Chiropractor give me a call: 913-681-7757.

My Overland Park Chiropractic office is considered the place for neck pain and headache treatment in Overland Park due to our advanced modern chiropractic & electro-acupuncture techniques.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Christina 🙂