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dreamstime_14981837We all know how important sleep is.  When we are tired we can’t seem to get anything done but in addition to that, our body is unable to heal.  This is the number one reason why I talk with my Overland Park Chiropractic patients about their sleep.

Not all of us need the same amount of sleep, but we all need quality sleep to allow our body to heal our back pain or neck pain. There are many items that factor into whether or not your sleep is of the best quality.  Here are some tips from your Overland Park Chiropractor at Adjust Your Health, to get you sleeping better, and allow you to heal your back or neck pain faster.


  • Stop worrying… or worry earlier! We must relax our bodies prior to falling asleep, and for most of my patients,  the exact opposite happens when they put their head on their pillow to sleep.  If your worrying starts around your sleep time, consider scheduling a “worry time” earlier in the day to get it done with. Another tip is to keep a pen and paper next to your bed. If you write down what you’re worried about studies show your brain is most likely to let you rest. Overall, being relaxed allows better sleep, so make sure you wind down before bed.
  • Watch your caffeine intake! We all know caffeine is a stimulus. Be aware of drinks such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks because they may disturb your sleep cycle. Try to avoid drinking caffeine eight hours before you go to bed.
  • Make sure it’s dark. Light and dark are natural sleep regulators. Increased exposure to light while trying to sleep has been proven to cause confusion and fatigue during the day. If there is artificial or natural light in your bedroom at night, consider dark window treatments or a sleep mask. Studies also show we must get as much daylight as possible during our wake hours to promote proper sleep during the night.
  • Cool down. The body must lower its core body temperature in order to effectively sleep. So make sure you’re not taking a hot bath within two hours of bedtime. Also, cool down your bedroom by opening a window, adding a fan, or turning up the AC.
  • Exercise. We all know exercise seems to be good for everything and anything, but of course, the benefits of exercise also include improving your sleep quality. Just make sure you’re not exercising directly before bedtime, then you may actual be reversing thdreamstime_xxl_34155424e benefits of  exercise by energizing your body.
  • Create a routine. Going to bed at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning has huge benefits
    on your health.  Many people sleep in on the weekends and get up earlier during the week.  Try breaking this habit and create a more regular sleep pattern.
  • Ditch the electronics.  The biggest factor in better sleep? Electronics! Turning off the TV, putting down your phone or Ipad make a huge difference.  Try limiting your use of electronics in the evening.  This creates a separation between work and sleep. People think checking Facebook is relaxing but your brain still sees it as stimulus.  Try reading a book before bedtime instead.

I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to improve your sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well it could also be due to your back or neck pain.  If you believe this is the case call your Overland Park Chiropractor at Adjust Your Health!  Give me a call at 913-681-7757! We will get you out of pain and sleeping better in no time!

Sweet dreams & thanks for reading!


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