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If you’re like any of my Overland Park Chiropractic patients, you don’t need anything to tell you, a good reason, to prevent your back pain. We have all seen how terrible back pain can be, either personally, or simply from watching Tiger Woods fall to his knees because his back went into spasm during a televised golf tournament.

Back injurdreamstime_xxl_54758707y has become a huge problem here in the United States. It causes people to miss work, have huge medical bills, and keeps them from enjoying the activities they wish to do. It is the second most common reason people visit their doctor, just behind the common cold.

Three most common back injuries:

  1. Joint Injury –This includes arthritis pain.

  2. Soft Tissue Injury – This includes things like strains & sprains of muscles.

  3. Nerve and Disc Injuries – This includes pinched nerves & disc bulge/herniation.


Dr. Christina’s Back Injury & Back Pain prevention tips:

  •  Keep Moving! It’s terrible to have long periods of inactivity. You need strong core muscles to provide support for your back.

  • Maintain a healthy diet! Give your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy including drinking lots of water.

  • Have correct Posture! Poor posture really stresses your back.

  • Stretch! Make sure you’re warming up your muscles prior to activity. This includes everything from running to gardening or cleaning the house.

  • Lift Correctly! Always use your legs and not your back when lifting and never twist when lifting anything over a few pounds.

  • Quit Smoking! Never smoke. It limits blood flow to your spine and the surrounding tissues.

  • Maintain a Good Weight! Extra weight, especially around our mid-section, only increase the stress on your spine.

Chiropractors are experts at back injuries and back pain. Of course, preventing back injury and back pain is ideal, but if you are already experiencing back pain you should visit your chiropractor in Overland Park. If you don’t have an Overland Park Chiropractor give me a call: 913-681-7757.Faces_Of_KC_435_DSC5878

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