As someone that has had both amazing chiropractic experiences and, disappointingly, a not-so-positive chiropractic treatment experience, I wanted to take the time today to discuss with you five of the most important things you should think about before picking a chiropractor in Overland Park.

Rule number one: Find where you fit.

The chiropractor/patient relationship is a huge component to achieving the desired result. Are you an athlete or a weekend warrior that needs an experienced athletic-training chiropractor? Are you pregnant? Do you tend to work better with female or male doctors? You need to be able to talk to your chiropractor openly and honestly to develop a productive relationship. Making sure you feel comfortable with the doctor and the setting is number one.

In our Overland Park Chiropractic office, we offer the opportunity to work with either a female or a male doctor, both of whom have advanced training in pediatric chiropractic, pregnancy chiropractic, athletic chiropractic & neurological chiropractic.


Rule number two: Find the chiropractic technique that works for you.

Truly understand the difference between traditional and modern chiropractic. Traditional chiropractic usually involves the twisting of the spine and neck. At Adjust Your Health Chiropractic in Overland Park, Kansas, we are modern chiropractors.  We NEVER twist the spine or neck during your treatment. In fact, our practice is built around the concept of gentle, transformative care. It is what our patients love as they get the best results with the pain of harsh manipulation.

Rule number three: Make sure that proper diagnostics are provided.

In chiropractic care, attaining the correct diagnosis is a huge predecessor to the outcome of the treatment. To diagnose the patient properly, the chiropractor needs a health history (usually called a consultation), a full neurological and physical exam and, more often than not, spinal x-rays.  We take this process very seriously in our Overland Park chiropractic office.  Each new patient is properly consulted, evaluated, x-ray’d in house and diagnosed by our husband and wife chiropractic team before any treatment is given.

Rule number four: Check on insurance coverage and payment options.

When looking for an Overland Park chiropractor, check to see if your insurance company has taken a stance, and our on your in-network list in-network list. If you’re choosing to not use your insurance, make sure to pick an affordable office that sees value in their care but does not overcharge for their treatment. We are proud to be in-network, preferred providers for many of the large insurance companies in the Kansas City area such as: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, United healthcare, and CIGNA.  However, we also offer payment plans and wellness options to make treatment affordable for everyone.

Rule number five: Check their reviews: What are other people saying about them?

In the world we live in today everything is out in the open. Research the chiropractic office you are thinking of visiting. What do their patients say about them? Do they seem like people you can relate to and that you might fit in with as well? Of course, you want to form your own opinion, but reviews help you find a great starting point. If you’re interested in reading about what our patients have tosay check out our Google reviews or our testimonial page on our website.
Faces_Of_KC_435_DSC6075Wow! There seems to be a lot to think about when deciding which Overland Park chiropractor is best for you. Hopefully, you have a chiropractor that you feel is a great fit for you but if you don’t, or are looking to start with an Overland Park chiropractor, give us a call
at 913-681-7757.

Thanks for reading!


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