1. “I was having sharp lower back pain…”

    I came to the chiropractor because my urologist thought I was having referred pain. I was having sharp lower back pain. Now... I'm not experiencing sharp lower back pain. I am able to go a lot longer when doing my weekly activities. Dr. Stewart REALLY CARES about me as an individual as well as a patient. M. Zabel…Read More

  2. Yellowpages.com Review: Go see Dr. Stewart, she can help…

    I came to Adjust Your Health very skeptical. That’s why I want to write a review. I didn't believe in chiropractic and that’s why I waited 30 years suffering from migraine headaches before my wife (who Dr. Stewart got rid of her back pain) insisted I at least try. I have been under Dr. Christina Stewart’s care now for 6 weeks… completely headache free! I only wish I had tried chiropractic …Read More

  3. “Dr. Stewart is honest and humble…”

    I received chiropractic care while living in Tulsa and after living in Kc for over a year without it I noticed a difference. Also, why go to someone who immediately suggests surgery when there is an easier and better method of treatment? When I began care even getting out of bed was a chore. It hurt. I was drowsy at work from not sleeping due to pain. I was also having thumb pain writing in my jou…Read More

  4. “I was having numbness in my arm…”

    I came to see Dr. Stewart because the success my daughter had with her treatment. I was having numbness and tingling in my arm as well as a burning in my neck and pain in my upper back. Now I feel much better! Doing yoga has taught me great awareness within my body and my chiro sessions have taken it to the next notch! Thanks. :) Teri C.…Read More

  5. “I can now turn my head without pain…”

    I can now turn my head without pain, have more energy to do chores and NO MORE HEADACHES! I'm now able to have a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. Dr. Stewart explains her treatment and always seems glad to see me. I feel that she has given me my quality of life back. I just have more energy!!! D. Hutsell…Read More

  6. “My injury was spine related…”

    I came to Dr. Christina because I felt like my injury was spine related. Since my injury was acute, having the pain from it being gone is now fantastic! Dr. Christina is a good listener and considers your special needs for both short and long term care. Melanie N.…Read More