1. “I was having numbness in my arm…”

    I came to see Dr. Stewart because the success my daughter had with her treatment. I was having numbness and tingling in my arm as well as a burning in my neck and pain in my upper back. Now I feel much better! Doing yoga has taught me great awareness within my body and my chiro sessions have taken it to the next notch! Thanks. :) Teri C.…Read More

  2. “I can now turn my head without pain…”

    I can now turn my head without pain, have more energy to do chores and NO MORE HEADACHES! I'm now able to have a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. Dr. Stewart explains her treatment and always seems glad to see me. I feel that she has given me my quality of life back. I just have more energy!!! D. Hutsell…Read More

  3. “My injury was spine related…”

    I came to Dr. Christina because I felt like my injury was spine related. Since my injury was acute, having the pain from it being gone is now fantastic! Dr. Christina is a good listener and considers your special needs for both short and long term care. Melanie N.…Read More

  4. “Okay… the bottom line…”

    Okay... the bottom line is that if you are in pain and would like a natural, painless, cost-effective way of getting rid of it. Go see Dr. Stewart at Adjust Your Health. She is the best in her field and will help you. Thanks Dr. Stewart... I feel great. Perry E.…Read More

  5. “I wanted to avoid surgery…”

    I wanted to avoid surgery when I came to Adjust Your Health and I also wanted a young, enthusiastic practitioner - and Christina is fantastic! The calm relaxing and supportive environment Christina and Jeffrey have created help reduce both pain and my stress level. I can't say enough about the professionalism with real caring provided by Adjust Your Health! Michelle R.…Read More